Analyzing the Ecological Pillars of Innovation Ecosystem Based on Bibliometric Method


Faculty of Management and Economics, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran


The innovation ecosystem plays a valuable role in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. The emergence of an innovation-based economy requires the development of an innovation ecosystem in the context of the region. In most countries, especially less developed countries, the ecosystem is not properly formed and the first step to its formation is the theoretical and experimental knowledge of this area. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the dimensions and components of the innovation ecosystem. We applied bibliometric method, citation analysis, applied evaluation techniques and content analysis of documents in this research. The purpose of this research is to review studies in this field and to present a conceptual and integrated model using content analysis of documents by organizing previous research. The statistical population of this research includes all the documents presented in the Web of Science database with 438 documents related to the innovation ecosystem until 2020 and has been evaluated and illustrated using VOS viewer software. Based on the content analysis of the documents, research on the "innovation ecosystem" is divided into five sections. The first part of the research is related to the structural factors. The second part is related to the type of the relationships and interactions, and the third part is related to the results. The fourth part is about the actors and the fifth part is about how they have performed. Finally, the conceptual framework of the research is presented based on the content analysis of the documents


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