Demonopolization or Decompetition of Manufacturing Industries in Iran



The vast bodies of studies in the word and recently in Iran have attempted to investigate the manufacturing industry structure (indicating the level of industries in terms of monopoly or competitiveness) and its trend using the various indices and methods. Despite the importance of Lorenz Curve and Gini Coefficient in indicating the market structure, these methods, capabilities have been neglected in determining the structure of manufacture industries in Iran by the way. Therefore, this paper attempts to indicate the structure of main manufacturing industries in Iran (including manufacture of food and beverages, manufacture of textile and production of none-metallic minerals industry) using the mentioned methods. The results of this study indicate that in the intended three years and with respect to the employment, output amounts and value added indices, these industries have concentration ratio more than 0.6. This means that they enjoy from none competitive structure. Therefore and in terms of policy, the results indicate the necessity of more consideration of policies that focus on elimination of monopoly and encourage the more competitiveness in the industrial sector.