Identifying Factors affecting the Phenomenon of Organizational loafing; Using Structural Equation Modeling & Delphi Techniques



Organizational loafing is the phenomenon of a person exerting less effort to achieve a goal when they work in an organizational group than when they work alone.This phenomenon is a serious problem in today's organizations.The research seeks to explain factors affecting the phenomenon of organizational loafing. First, the elites’ opinion through Delphi technique about the indicators influencing the organizational loafing including environment, human, technology, aims and structure was collected. After designing the model, the fitting as well as editing questionnaire were measured. This research which is both quantitative and qualitative designed the final model. 180 employees of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology were randomly selected as the sample of study. Statistical analysis of research data was performed with the help of structural equation. In so doing, the questionnaire, whose validity and reliability with Cronbach's alpha equal to 834% were confirmed, was utilized to collect data. And after confirmation of normal distribution of data with the help of Smart PLS software and confirmatory factor analysis, eventually proposed model with 5 criteria and 25 indicators was approved. The results showed that the most influential factors affecting organization loafing is organization environment, followed by other indexes including aims, structure, and human factors and technology. So the managers were recommended to turn to the most important indicators affecting organizational loafing such as satisfaction, commitment and organizational culture so as to achieve efficient organizational loafing management.