The Mediating Role of Corporate Image on the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study



This study attempted to investigate the effects of corporate social responsibility on firm performance. It also tried to identify the mediating role of corporate image on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and firm performance. This research collected data on latent constructs through a questionnaire administered survey of managers across a spectrum of industries in Bangladesh. The proposed model has been empirically tested by using SmartPls 2.0 software. Empirical results, based on a sample of 125 firms, suggest that corporate social responsibility can improve corporate image by establishing good controls and monitoring and thereby improve overall firm performance. The results of this study also suggest that executives should not dismiss corporate social responsibility and also need to take into account the mediating role of corporate image. A more comprehensive model can be developed considering some other context specific variables. This study also highlights the implications of the model.