Providing functional Model for Developing Digital Entrepreneurship



Digital and Information technologies are fundamental factors for all organizations which carry out organizational and social activities levels and it causes to change the nature of business. Create what is a type of entrepreneurship that is extracted from the concept of entrepreneurship. Digital and information technology is one of electronic style of this creation. Therefore, it can be said that an organization utilizes digital entrepreneurship providing that it employs the Internet, Information and Communication Technology as devices for  producing and developing in their business and trend opportunities. Present paper is planning to be identified the major structural and content factors of digital entrepreneurship. Additionally, it is programmed to study the quality constructing the digital Entrepreneurship. To achieve to hinted subjects, it has been used different theories, application survey and questionnaire of digital entrepreneurship. The sample size consists of 137 experts of entrepreneurship which were voted from Science and Technology Park in East Azerbaijan-Iran in 2013. Data analysis was carried out by using Factor Analysis, Structural Equation, Freidman Mean Ranking Test, AHP Rankin Analysis. It can be concluded that the consequences of present study illustrates that there is significant relationship between content and structural factors together. Moreover, it is existence meaningful results in AHP.