Identify and Ranking Key Indicators Performance of Green Supply Chain Using Combinational Method DEMATEL and ANP With Fuzzy Approach (The Case Food Industry in Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper



With the growth of public awareness for environmental protection, green production was raised as an important issue for each producer, which will guarantee its activity in long term. Creating suppliers, performance assessment system is so necessary and important that it measures suitability of the suppliers for long-term cooperation with the company. Many activities have been performed for selection of the suppliers but those who pay attention to environmental issues, social responsibility of the organizations, and compatibility with the environment are limited. In this study, we seek to present a framework for assessment of the green suppliers with accountability components of the organizations regarding society which considers cost issues for the selection of suppliers and their responsibilities toward society and the surrounding world. This study was done to Identify and ranking key indicators performance of Green Supply Chain Using combinational method DEMATEL and ANP with fuzzy approach so that developing Green Supply Chain in industry in Iran can be achieved. First, definitions of performance of Green Supply Chain and its importance then, research method and findings analysis as well as research results will be discussed.