An Analysis of Circulation of Decentralized Digital Money in Quantum Electrodynamics Space: the Econphysics Approach



The study aimed at showing how to create and release cryptocurrency, based on which one can introduce a new generation of this money that can continue its life in the quantum computers space and study whether cryptocurrency could be controlled or the rules should be rewritten in line with new technology. Regarding this, we showed the evolution of money and its uses in economic relations. According to the theoretical basics, the concepts, principles and rules of quantum theory in the physics economics were distributed and the use of modern money by simplified electrodynamic patterns of Richard Feynman was shown. The result showed that the subject could be tested through the physics if the system is closed, and due to the limited nature of the creation of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, with such conditions, this currency can supply the borderless economics with a new approach with infinite probabilities in the quantum paradigm. Furthermore, given the structure of cryptocurrencies, one cannot control them completely controlled and it is better to rewrite the rules for the creation, release and uses of cryptocurrencies